Shrimps and fish have specific needs and VDS offers you the right premix to guarantee you optimum yield, while helping you in your daily challenges.

    Tailor-made premix for shrimps and fish

    VDS develops and tests additive blends in its own aquaculture R&D department to optimise the gut health of fish and shrimp among others. We formulate custom premixes, based on locally available raw materials and the farming conditions for specific shrimp and fish species.

    We have extensive expertise in this field thanks to many decades of experience offering support to shrimp farms around the world. 

    Tailored to your needs

    Whatever you request, our philosophy is to provide you with a customised proposal that fully meets your requirements and the specific needs of your animals.

    Fish meal replacers

    VDS has a range of high-quality fish meal replacers that are easily digested and are based on animal protein of Western European origin. We develop a balanced amino acid pattern based on your local raw materials. Finally, you can add vitamins, minerals and additives to obtain a full concentrate.


    C-Force, our own formulation, is a unique combination of acids, fatty acids and yeast products and was developed and tested by our R&D department and in the field. C-Force improves gut health and feed conversion and contributes to greater growth. Mortality is reduced thanks to better protection against pathogens and infections.

    Disease prevention

    Vibrio infections, outbreaks of white spot syndrome virus, EMS and many other pathogens can have a major impact on the technical results of your aquaculture business. VDS supplies custom premixes and concentrates, so that you can administer specific additives, the right antioxidants and a balanced feed formulation, with a view to preventing disease.

    Our additional services

    We offer nutritional advice for the right formulation of your animal feed, offering personal support on the farm.

    Why do you choose VDS?

    Farmers, feed producers, distributors... VDS is there to meet all your needs.

    With a fleet of modern production equipment and a wealth of practical knowledge, we can offer you a professional, reliable and personalised service.

    Our focus is on the customer and their requirements. Our working method is clear: it's a collaborative process between our various departments in which the customer is involved, informed and supported from A to Z. Flexibility, hands-on and no-nonsense are our watchwords.

    And to serve you, a multicultural team of 25 motivated people, each with their own speciality, ready to take on any challenge !

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