What is a premix?


    A premix is a carefully compiled mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and additional additives and is essential for the health and productivity of animals.


    Even though premixes may be inconspicuous in the food chain, their influence is anything but that. These carefully compiled mixtures of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and – sometimes – additional additives are essential for the health and productivity of animals. Premixes are the perfect bridge between your rough feed and a fully balanced diet tailored to the needs of each animal.


    The unmistakable power of premixes in animal feed

    Premixes are the foundation of healthy animal feed. These mixtures are a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and additives and are added to the basic feed of pigs, poultry, cattle, and other animals to ensure they receive a complete and balanced diet. These mixes ensure that the basic feed of the animal contains all essential nutrients for the best possible productivity, growth, and well-being. Both small farms and large agriculture firms use premixes to keep their animals healthy.


    From vitamin supplements to full-fledged feed

    Tailored to the specific nutritional needs of each animal and the local availability of ingredients, premixes range from simple additives to complex, richly formulated food concentrates. This ensures that premixes can be added to feed in subtle or substantial levels. There is a wide range of premixes on the international market tailored to the development level of the feed market and local legislation.



    The demand for and composition of premixes varies greatly by region. Developed markets demand more concentrated premixes (ranging from 0.01% to 5% of the feed). Emerging markets often have greater demand for concentrates that compensate for local shortages of proteins, for example (up to 20% of the feed). International trade is complex as well. Just think about customs policy and various import levies, due to which premixes are fully tailored to meet all the requirements.


    Health and well-being as the foundation of a premix

    A properly compiled premix does not only improve the growth and productivity of animals but also the general well-being. The composition of a premix is always determined by the underlying production goal of certain animal species, irrespective of whether it concerns a product free from antibiotics or aimed to support parent animals.

    Whenever we want to create a premix, we always ask ourselves three questions:

    • What raw materials are available on the local market?
    • For which animal species do you want to develop a product?
    • What goals do you want to achieve in the animals and which performances do you want to pursue?

    Based on these answers, we start looking for the perfect premix composition for each stage of life of your animals.


    Efficient feed, sustainable future

    Our customers are now equipped with more in-depth knowledge than before, which is why developed markets are increasingly looking for specific additives to enrich their local premixes.

    We keep working hard behind the scenes to develop new, advanced products that can be used next to our premixes as stand-alone additives. These products are designed to work seamlessly with the raw materials and premixes that are already present to ensure that distributors and end customers have the ability to tailor their animal feed more precisely. This is how we increase the nutritional value of animal feed for each life stage of the animal without affecting its quality and stability. This is why our clients can rely on a sustainable and efficient approach.


    Looking for a custom premix? We would be happy to help you.

    Do you realise the importance of a targeted premix but are you unsure where to start? VDS Premix is your partner to find the perfect feed balance. Contact us below for a custom premix tailored to the unique needs of your animals and company.


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