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    We have been producing premixes and additives for several decades and offering sound advice to livestock and aquaculture feed producers.
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    Optimum yields with optimum feed

    Each species, each genetics and each life phase requires an adapted feed to achieve or optimise the required yield. Thanks to our many years of expertise and our team of 25 (nutritional) experts, we can formulate custom feeds for pigs, cattle, poultry and aquaculture.

    Avoid digestive problems, reduce mortality and stimulate fertility and digestion. These are just a few ways how we can be of service to feed producers.

    Do you know our MAXIBUFF ?

    VDS Premix has developed its own rumen buffer as an affordable alternative to sodium bicarbonate and calcareous marine algae. You're assured of a healthy rumen with Maxibuff.

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    A real family business

    VDS was established in 1966 in West Flanders, Belgium, growing into a dynamic SME over the years. We assist feed mills and farmers specialising in livestock farming or aquaculture every step of the way, with nutritional and veterinary advice or by offering support for the development of a new feed mill or production line.

    Looking for a long-term partner?

    Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in animal feed, feed mills, livestock farming and aquaculture, we are the kind of partner you can depend on. 

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