Our premixes

    Give your pigs, cattle, poultry, shrimp and fish the feed they need for an optimum return. VDS formulates custom premixes for animals’ every life phase, tailored to their genetics and the desired yield.

    Developed and tested for you

    VDS invests heavily in R&D and in partnerships with testing facilities and companies that are open to this, even in Africa or Asia. We have concluded a partnerships with two commercial trial farms that have the same approach, where we can test our ingredients and concepts for cattle and pigs. We have an on-site testing facility for aquaculture at VDS in Deerlijk, to test promising additives. Finally, we perform tests with poultry, in consultation with several of our customers. All of our products are therefore always tested and validated, without exception.


    Practical details

    We use EXW, CIF and even DAP. The customer determines how we operate. Our many years of experience in international logistics ensure seamless loading and shipping.

    Premixes are typically packed in 25 kg bags. We use polypropylene or paper bags, with or without an inner liner. White or coloured. A different weight per bag or customer-specific printing is available, after consultation. 

    A batch typically consists of 1,000 kg of product. This is the minimum order quantity for products that we produce ourselves. (Please note that we also distribute raw materials and additives).

    VDS can customise your specific products and pack them in packaging supplied by you. We supply EXW, you are responsible for the logistics and the export administration.

    We also custom-produce for international customers, in their own packaging, and supply the goods CIF to the desired port/end destination.

    Yes. VDS is FCA-certified, which is the new name of GMP. There is no difference. 'GMP Dierenvoeders' has changed to 'Feed Chain Alliance Standaard' (FCA). The standard itself has not changed, however.


    About VDS and premixes

    A premix is a mix of vitamins and minerals, supplemented with amino acids and additives where necessary. The mixture is custom-formulated, in line with the genetics of the animal, its age, the desired results and the properties of the local raw materials that are used for the formulation of the final feed. The inclusion of a premix can vary between 500 g/ton and 50 kg/ton. The properties of the mixer at the customer and locally available raw materials are important criteria for determining the inclusion. If extra protein rich raw materials are added to the mix, it is called a concentrate. Inclusion of concentrate varies between 100 kg/ton and 350 kg/ton.

    Yes you can, but VDS does not produce standard products. We can, however, tailor your products, with you, for your specific market. We start from the information that you provide to us about the required specific formulation. We can also assist when it comes to determining this formulation. 

    Yes, but in principle we only sell these to existing customers, who buy premixes from us.

    Yes, VDS has extensive experience and technical know-how, which is why we can help you optimise your production process. We prefer to do this in the framework of a long-term commercial partnership but we assess this on a case by case basis. Ask our team a question!

    VDS has several years of experience in animal feed and aquaculture. Our team of 25 employees has all the in-house expertise to formulate custom premixes and additives and offer nutritional support where necessary. You can also hire us to assist your customers, e.g., with veterinary advice or training.

    VDS strongly believes in a personal approach and customisation. No premix is the same. We conclude collaborations, not because we want to sell more but because we find the nutritional challenges that livestock and other farms face, fascinating. If our advice can make a difference, we have achieved our goal.

    Yes, our vets are at your service, offering veterinary advice. Where necessary, they also take a curative approach.

    VDS can formulate feeds for all farmed animals. From ordinary pigs, cattle and poultry to fish and shrimp. You can even contact us for feeds for dogs, cats, turkeys, goats, camels and crocodiles (yes, really!).

    Looking for a long-term partner?

    Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in animal feed, feed mills, livestock farming and aquaculture, we are the kind of partner you can depend on. 

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