Additives in animal feed


    Additives improve animal performance and health and protect preventively against negative effects. VDS Premix is your ideal partner.


    Additives are an indispensable part of animal feed. They contribute to animal health, growth and productivity by fulfilling specific functions in the feed. In this blog, we explain what additives are, what types exist and why they are really indispensable in your animal feed.


    What is an additive?

    Additives are substances added in small quantities to animal feed to solve specific problems or provide preventive protection. These substances are usually added with a specific objective. Think, for example, of improving digestion, binding harmful substances or promoting healthy intestinal flora. Thanks to additives, we can ensure that animals get all their essential nutrients, grow better and are less susceptible to diseases.


    Additives improve animal performance and health

    When the focus is on improving animal performance and health, additives are chosen to optimise specific aspects of animal production. This can range from increasing growth and feed conversion to strengthening the immune system and improving overall animal vitality.

    • Performance: additives such as amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids and antioxidants are added to improve animal growth and efficiency. This results in better weight gain, higher milk production or better egg production, depending on the animal species.
    • Health: health-supporting additives such as probiotics and prebiotics help promote healthy intestinal flora, which is necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. As a result, animals stay healthier and perform better.
    • Immunity: additives that strengthen the immune system make animals more resistant to disease. This reduces the use of antibiotics and increases overall resilience.

    Investment in these additives often leads to measurable improvements in animal productivity and health, ultimately resulting in economic benefits.


    Additives protect preventively against negative effects

    The second main reason for using additives is preventive protection. Here, additives are used to minimize negative effects and potential hazards that can threaten animal health and performance.

    • Protection against mycotoxins: mycotoxin binders are an example of additives used to neutralize harmful substances in feed. Mycotoxins are produced by molds in feed and can cause serious health problems in animals. Adding mycotoxin binders reduces the risk of mycotoxicosis and keeps feed safe for consumption.
    • Feed protection: preservatives and antioxidants protect the feed from spoilage and oxidation. Thanks to these additives, the quality and safety of the feed is maintained, especially in conditions where the feed has to be stored for longer periods.

    So by adding such additives preventively, you ensure that your animals stay healthier. In addition, the feed retains its nutritional value and is safer for consumption.


    Why is VDS Premix your ideal partner for additives?

    We have been using additives in our premixes for many years and are a reliable partner for many feed mills and distributors. To complement your own feed solutions, we have combined our expertise in an interesting range of additives, based on thorough research and extensive testing. As a premix company, we are fully aware of the different types of additives and their applications, allowing us to recommend the most suitable solution to you.


    Looking for a partner for your additives?

    VDS Premix offers reliable and effective premixes and additives fully tailored to your business. Contact us for more information about our offer.


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