Maxibuff ensures the best possible rumen health

    VDS Premix has developed its own rumen buffer as an affordable alternative to sodium bicarbonate and calcareous marine algae. You’re assured of a healthy rumen with Maxibuff.

    Using a rumen buffer to manage rumen pH.

    Rumen acidosis is a major threat to cattle health. Ideally, the ruminal pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. Acidity levels vary between different areas of the rumen and are affected by feed intake, rumination activity, ration composition and many other factors. It is common practice to add rumen buffers to cattle rations to manage rumen pH levels.

    Maxibuff: an affordable rumen buffer.

    VDS Premix has developed an affordable alternative to sodium bicarbonate and calcareous marine algae. A series of field tests with pH boluses have resulted in a compound that offers long-lasting, effective protection against rumen acidosis. By adding Maxibuff it is possible to reduce the pH amplitude values. The pH no longer drops so low, but also goes less high, resulting in a healthier rumen.

    Want to learn more about our field tests? Find more info here.

    Advantages of Maxibuff

    Rapid buffer formation

    A buffer forms quickly in the rumen through the use of reactive components.

    Large contact surface

    Maxibuff offers a large, porous surface. This is ideal for acid neutralisation.

    Stable rumen environment

    Supplement with Maxibuff for a significant reduction in ruminal pH fluctuations.

    Frequently asked questions?

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    Application and dosage

    Dairy cows : 75 - 150g per day

    Dry cows : 40 - 50g per day

    Beef cows : 50- 125g per day

    Other ruminants : 0.4% - 0.8% of total dry matter intake

    Maxibuff is supplied in plastic-lined paper bags of 25 kg.

    Maxibuff’s minimum order quantity is 1000 kg.

    Absolutely! As Maxibuff does not contain any additional sodium, we recommend a combination of Maxibuff and sodium bicarbonate in such cases. The two products’ synergistic effect ensures the best possible heat protection.

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